10 Years, 7 Valuable Lessons: What I’ve Learned As A CEO

1. A leader is only as good as their team.

2. Every employee needs power.

3. Hire for fit, train for skill

4. Focus is essential to foresight.

  • Defining my Most Important Tasks (MIT) each day and categorizing them as either Do, Delegate, Delete, or Delay.
  • Pausing and reflecting on my priorities every day so I am always aligned with my long-term goals personally and professionally.
  • Choosing mentors and checking in with them often to get advice on how to overcome challenges.

5. Mindset matters

  • Reframe them into positive thoughts.
  • Ignore them.
  • Acknowledge them and explore solutions.

6. Proper employee reviews are essential.

7. Recognizing burnout is critical to combating it.

Onward and upward…



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Cassidy Jakovickas

Cassidy Jakovickas

Cassidy Jakovickas is CEO of MBS Accountancy, an outsourced accounting firm that improves client profitability with prudent accounting & authentic partnerships.