11 Accounts Payable Metrics That Savvy CEOs Track & Measure

Why measuring accounts payable metrics is critical

AP Metric 1: Average processing cost per invoice

AP Metric 2: Average payment processing time

AP Metric 3: Invoices processed per FTE (Full-Time Employee)

AP Metric 4: Percentage of exceptions vs. total invoices processed

AP Metric 5: Early payment discounts offered vs. captured

AP Metric 6: Late payments & penalties

AP Metric 7: Number of discrepancies & disputes from suppliers & vendors

AP Metric 8: Percentage of electronic invoices vs. total invoices received

AP Metric 9: Number of AP operators or officers

AP Metric 10: ROI on invoice automation

AP Metric 11: Percentage of straight-through invoices

Improving Accounts Payable Starts With Metrics



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Cassidy Jakovickas

Cassidy Jakovickas

Cassidy Jakovickas is CEO of MBS Accountancy, an outsourced accounting firm that improves client profitability with prudent accounting & authentic partnerships.