Cassidy Jakovickas is CEO of MBS Accountancy, an outsourced accounting firm that improves client profitability with prudent accounting & authentic partnerships.

Advances in cloud computing and accounting software let entrepreneurs flawlessly run everything from bookkeeping to payroll. While that might seem like trouble for accountants, it’s actually prompted a great transformation within the accounting industry that benefits both accountants and their clients.

As technology streamlines accounting tasks involving data entry and…

When your accounts payable department is running smoothly and efficiently, bills are always paid on time and your company gains a stellar reputation among suppliers and partners for prompt payments. One key element to optimizing your AP department for efficiency and cost is understanding the right accounts payable metrics.

Why measuring accounts payable metrics is critical


Gone are the days when accountants hunched over their worn but trusty ten key, cranking out figures and calculations from dawn till dusk. Thankfully, cloud accounting software has automated much of the routine processes that consumed an accounting professional’s time. …

Cassidy Jakovickas

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